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working on my pet page...boi I have so much irl stuff to do but I'm distracting myself with this....:'D
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rompopita 2 months ago

Added the petpage! it was hard and still have to work more on it but! It's something :'3

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I want to add a small page with pictures of my figures...I have too many and want to make some kind of register of them...TT gonna try to visualize how and where to put it inside my site...
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Added 2 new galleries, a BLmatsu one (mostly ichikara...haveto dig my 2020 art from pxv archive...) and MOTHER gallery! I still wanna add a compilation of all my old mother fanart, since I've been working those 'concepts' since very long ago...around2016-2017...yeah, I'd be putting info here bc I'm lazy to code the updates... ;; also fixed the granjita art page, the gallery is now viewable...xD
rompopita 2 months ago

OH also added 3 new fic recs to my sacred texts page....3 neat ichikara fics T.T

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