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I think I may have permanently wrecked a nerve/muscle/tendon in my right elbow because of my current job, and I may ruin it further if I keep working here. Fuck, I don't know where else I can work, cause this job is somewhat ok, and my managers like me.
5amgirlfriend 1 year ago

best wishes as you recover and decide what to do... you're in my prayers

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seraphsanctum 1 year ago

i ended up quitting my first job because it permanently damaged my hearing and gave me chronic tinnitus

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surenaga 1 year ago

Have you explored the possibility of the strain you're feeling being due to overuse of those muscles, or did you move your elbow in a way it shouldn't and it caused your problem? The former could be addressed with rest and an orthopedic brace. Going to the doctor is always best, but... Whatever the case, I hope you manage to recuperate and see a way towards dealing with your issue. Best wishes.

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lhfm 1 year ago

Thanks for the comments! I talked to my dad who has a background in medicine and personally knows people who have had similar problems, and it seems like the cause of my pain is likely from me constantly using spray bottles to spray sanitizer on high-touch areas at work. Constantly squeezing the spray trigger is irritating my ulnar nerve probably

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