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this should look better, i would write a post but it's 3am. maybe tomorrow.
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there we go. so, my friend gave me some advice about my hit counter, which is not a good thing because it wasn't supposed to be public but I guess I just forgot and somehow got it to the final website... so now that I'm finally finished two quizzes, two essays, and an assignment, I decided it's right about time to give it a lil makeover :>
aei 1 week ago

still doesn't look the prettiest... i'll tweak the button a bit, hold on.

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can't test hit counter locally, so expect a couple updates. right about.... now.
may need to build a generator with the amount of times I mess this up.
i should not disappear as often as i do, but oh well responsibilites. good job everyone keeping the internet silly in the meantime! keep it going :>
guess who's the idiot who forgot to link their post after writing one (spoiler: it was me)
aei 1 month ago

updating on mobile data this is kinda slow

moheb-rofail 4 weeks ago

it's okay, as it was on mobile, even if from pc, it's okay too :D

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