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i forgot how neos message board works, hi, it's angel! the base version of the layout is done. it only works on screens similar to mine though so i'll fix that and have the code up in a bit! you can still look though :)
angelscake 4 hours ago

angel approved message u can see the layout in the updates field of this site :p

yall aren't ready for this layout its so cute and i'm almost done w it
i have a really cute idea for a cardcaptor html theme but i have to redraw a gif from the show first so wish me luck :')
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angelscake 1 week ago

hi found a better way 2 update things so that you don't only hear abt one of the things i completed. today we have a rework of the image gallery to be actually good, yay! i'll add more art to the pages tmw cause i haven't done that in a while and it's easier now. but its past midnight and i have work so gn

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guestbook move is complete! check it out @
angelscake 1 week ago

new index layout bc i'm an artist and also a dumbass who didnt realize you have to put px when doing absolute positioning or nothing moves. i just figured that out so expect more silly graphics around the site sometime

I CAN CODE WHILE I'M AT WORK!!! (for now i think but still a win!)
I'M BACKKK (my job actually starts tmrw but i can code again!)

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