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fauux 7 years ago

Hello :-)

alone-together 7 years ago

Fauux, if you don't mind me asking, what are your websites about?

suyu 7 years ago

his website is about the main character of serial experiments lain, lain, his site is pretty cool with amazing graphics.

alone-together 7 years ago

k. were you inspired from him suyu, because you guys have a few similarities between your websites?

Hey, I like your website! Mind checking out mine? Thanks!
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suyu 7 years ago

that's fauux man, the most followed man, i guess he won't check ya website

fauux 7 years ago

Hey. Thank you. Thanks. Cool.

anthonynaber 7 years ago

Wow you actually replied! Thanks! lol

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Wow, thanks for follow! Btw, your sites is amazing!

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