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By friday I should be caught up! Sorry again for lagging :(
182 is up. After a while i"m gonna start deleting update posts so i dont clog peoples notifs/my wall. teehee
uuuugh your recent poem tugged at my heartstrings a little. they always hit so hard auuhh
page 174 is up! :) Introduction to two new characters; Sean and May. Sean and May are both transgender as well, though neither have figured it out in the story thus far. But with May, he's a bit goth and boyish already, probably has a bigger clue about it than Sean does. For the record; Sean -- Later named Scout, a transgender girl who uses she/her May -- Later named Maverick, a transgender boy who uses he/it
(continue from last post). Even if the story isn't centered on the characters being transgender, I still want people to connect with them and be able to feel loved and seen, to be able to point and say "that is me!"
Writing trans people in my story is scary. Scary in the fact that I never had the "trans experience" at school. I was fine with being called my deadname/fine with people using the wrong pronouns. I didn't care that much, I didn't want a fight over it. Now I'm worried I won't be able to accurately describe the Transgender experience. Gawh. Even if I make Tyler's experience my own, what about others? What about-- (1/2)
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(2/?)--the two whole trans girls in my story... How do I tell their story without telling my own, which is completely different from theirs (as a trans masc person)? :( Definitely looking into in the trans girl experience and stuff. Gawh. If anyone would like to help at all, I would greatly appreciate it :)

It's such a big and daunting task but... I think sometime in the near future, while I work on scripting and polishing RedStar/side stories, I'm going to be rendered 3 models for the places in the comic. Got a bit of a scare last night being told I could Get In Trouble for using images off of google. So if I want to ever look into printing and selling Mesons' Poppy/Star Star, I definitely need to get to work on (1/2)
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making and rendering backgrounds for my comic. Besides the first fact, I think everything will look nicer if I did that. My backgrounds will be my own and I would be able to have the angles that google can hardly provide me with.

ignore the sillay test page i am testing something out (that won't be implemented for a long... long time.)
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just learned also that i can delete the little updates wtf.

But I only have 8 more pages to get through and then I'm caught up <3 Sorry guys. I know I promised to not let this happen again but ummmm... lol. Some days have been rlly difficult/busy for me.

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