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Thanks for the follow back! I really like your art and I'm not familiar with some of what you draw but dig your taste in dynamics! Your site is really nicely designed too~
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mappapapa 2 months ago

Ahh thank you very much for your compliments, my site feels so simple but it works haha that's all I need. I enjoy your art a lot as well despite not sharing a fandom (in a different timeline I'm sure I am a decades old dothack fan) but I'm really intimidated by socmed interactions so I never said it before. Seeing you here making a site is exciting, I can't wait to see what you cook!

Please excuse me I'm testing all kinds of things right now...
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custat 2 months ago

I'm just adding a note here for now, I will try to add a little blurb later or something- if you are not following me from other places: my site is intended for adults only. It may in the future contain adult and sensitive content. Please do not follow me if you are under 18

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My updates may be a bit redundant as I flail about trying to remember things. Bear with me for now... lol
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