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I always go for the cheap toothpaste. Good ol' Pepsodent doesn't pull those Colgate hijinks on you!
bmh 4 months ago

I normally go for a cheap one too, but I was concerned my cheap one lacked abrasiveness, leading my dentist to criticise my teeth on the grounds that they weren't pearly white!

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hoylecake 4 months ago

what does cheap mean

automatic-llama 4 months ago

Ha. Well, not quite baking soda, but no higher than the bottom shelf of the toothpaste aisle.

shiitakeworsthand 4 months ago

as someone who spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find some good wood carvings for my mother's birthday, i can say definitively that these rock

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Thanks for the follow. I see buzzards too whilst I'm out cycling; they're always a pleasure to observe.
automatic-llama 4 months ago

Thanks for the follow back Brian! I enjoyed reading your Tomagotchi log and the cute webcam photos of your physical world animal friends and visitors!

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