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domino club fanpage/fansite is going to be so good lads
haraiva 1 month ago

manifesto is in......................

haraiva 1 month ago

also why did i make the about me section like that... it took me way too long to figure out what it is that im doing with it. ah well it looks cool now

scopefilter 1 month ago

These lines really resonated with me "embarrassment towards earnestness and ironic posturing are byproducts of vanity. and vanity is the enemy of good art. vanity is a fruitless endeavour; give it enough time and capitalism will ruin everything you love."

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Hi cecile, thanks for following! I love your site design and thanks for introducing me to sweetfish, they have a great site design as well. Your medieval/gothic style game designs look fantastic!
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haraiva 1 month ago

thank you!

haraiva 1 month ago

also, i never noticed you had commented on my profile ages ago! sorry for accidentally ignoring it... i did watch twin peaks s3 when it came out and really enjoyed it! im due for a rewatch.

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scopefilter 1 month ago

Don't worry about it, Neocities doesn't really have a proper notification system anyhow. I'm glad you enjoyed Twin Peaks!

Your logo looks like a cute little stamp or enamel pin, and I like the high contrast website. Your Twin Peaks studies are cool, did you ever watch Season 3 (Revival) and if so, I'd like to know your thoughts.

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