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Holy shit i lost my cursor in that 404 page.
2bit 3 years ago

your cursor probably got noscoped by snoop dogg. Sorry about that.

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1034co 3 years ago

@journeythroughamerica Your epileptic viewers got "noscoped" by all the flashing lights because they didn't expect to go to a flashing page when navigating something supposedly in your website that doesn't exist or a broken link. Especially when anyone can randomly get epilepsy out of nowhere. The only exception to this is if they are following you, but not everyone follows you.

2bit 3 years ago

@1034, I agree that the page could cause epileptic seizures, but if something like that could trigger a seizure, probably a site jittering while loading could do it too. I don't think people with a severe condition should really be on the internet.

As of today, the site has reached 10,000 views! Thanks to all who have come to my site.
1111th viewer. top kek
spriteclad 3 years ago

You Big Memer.

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