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2 months ago
loves1ck 2 months ago

also: 100s new backgrounds, gifs, blinkies, etc. over at !! enjoy ♥

inkcaps 2 months ago

Your digital calendar is an adorable idea!! ;o;

loves1ck 1 month ago

thank you sarah!! ♥

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engelsbeginn 1 month ago

Agreeing about the digital planner! Soo cute!

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vivarism 1 month ago

おつかれさん‼︎ your efforts will not go to waste! The digiplanner is so clever too— I esp love the ootd pixels!!

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loves1ck 1 month ago

@engelsbeginn thank you sm!! ♡

loves1ck 1 month ago

@flonne thank youuuu! T>T ♡ the ootds were my favorite part to do! i still want to tweak the page more to make it cuter heh

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strawberryreverie 1 month ago

thank you for such a treasure trove of resouces lapin!! the digital planner is such a cuuute idea, your lactose intolerant shirt made me laugh.

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loves1ck 1 month ago

@arachne thank you!!! that's my favorite pajama shirt LOL

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