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i've been doing a lot of deep diving to find stuff about the postpet program, and i finally managed to download it.. but it's in chinese, and i don't know how to set it up :( ive been obsessed with this ever since i found out what it was, and that it's no longer available..........
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Hey Koinuko!!! I think Carnapepper Jelly is the perfect jelly for your site! Especially with the 'dark' mode and the 'light' mode on your site!
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jellyworld 1 year ago

You've been added to the pals page, the jellyring script and the Giant Jelly pool! Thank you for your awesome support! Oh! and I love your site!!

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koinuko 1 year ago

Thank you so much! :D I'll take a look and add everything to my site right now! Keep up the awesome work!!

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was wondering if I should post some of my rlly personal s/i fic on here and then I was like.... this is *my* website...... i should post watever I want on here... literally I look at my own website more than anyone else looks at it lol!!

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