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tophatcats 9 hours ago

the power this page radiates is phenomenal omg ๐Ÿ’ฏ

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meowbark2000 8 hours ago

oh my god hadaka shitsuji

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I will be having a Nitro+ birthday bash with some pals for Zenya and Saya on December 10th!! It will be an irl party but I want to do some online tie-in stuff as well. There will be a wrap-up page about it sometime after the party. Also, if anyone wants to wish Zenya (or Saya) a happy birthday/anniversary, you can send them birthday wishes via my email and I will read them out loud at the party ^_^
koinuko 1 week ago

Context: My birthday is Dec. 10th; sweet pool's 15th anniversary is on the 19th; Zenya's birthday is on the 25th; Saya no Uta's 20th anniversary is on the 26th โ™ก

koinuko 1 week ago

Any messages will also probably be posted on the afterparty page on my website!! So let me know if you don't want me to do that

OKAY!! I think I Actually fixed the webring this time. Still not sure what the issue was but I changed the JSON file to a JS variable which circumvented the CORS access error. I checked on a few sites and the text is back (you need to do a CTRL + F5 hard refresh). As always please comment here or email me if you are still having issues. Sorry for the problems everyone!!
koinuko 2 weeks ago

I broke the images. Please nobody perceive me while I fix this

koinuko 2 weeks ago

ok it's done for real now. i am 99% sure all the issues are fixed now but im also not doing any more work tonight, if more issues arise I will tackle them tomorrow, ty for your patience OTL

Someone pointed out that V1 of the self-insert webring currently has an issue where the text is not displayed properly - this is likely going to be fixed soon! I think what happened is that some of the filetypes were not supported when I tried to cancel supporter, so I just signed back up LOL. Hopefully everything should load up again and work properly within a few hours (?) or so. Sorry for the inconvenience!
koinuko 2 weeks ago

As of right now it still seems to be broken,, lol. All I can do for now is wait and double check all my files even though I haven't changed them, hopefully it finishes propogating or doing whatever it needs to soon. I'll try to keep an eye on it.

koinuko 2 weeks ago

Since the images are working properly but not the next I really don't know what the issue is LOL!! Hoping for the best OTL

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