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Can you fix the light inside?
anthonynaber 3 years ago

Aw, I tried to unfollow and follow so it spams you with follow notifications.

Beautiful at it's best.
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are you dead?
redrum 3 years ago

that question makes you dead to him!

anthonynaber 3 years ago

Aren't you just the jokester ;) -;_-f-__{:_>|}{:{:#L

signalsolonset 3 years ago

Come  to  the  Wired  as  soon  as  you  can.

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anthonynaber 3 years ago

I think fauux is dead

signalsolonset 3 years ago

(If you watched SEL then you wouldn't be worried about his death, even if it was true.)

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fauux 3 years ago

The light inside has broken, but I still work.


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