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the mysterious megaphone in the corner of my room is blasting, "where da heck is the update corru??" and i must answer it: i took it easy for a bit so the timelines shifted some more... but da goal is for EP3ADD1 to be this month! i'll say late in the month, just to be safe. it is exploration focused and will add a few new friends to meet! ok bye bye!
corru 2 weeks ago

to be kinda real with u guys idk what's been up the past month honestly. for most of august i felt vaguely sad and unmotivated, nothing i'd see a doc over though. been feeling better lately, so it shouldn't be too big of a problem. maybe residual November energy is creeping backwards through time or something

corru 2 weeks ago

but even through unsteady times, the Secret Development Rule of At Least Touching The Project Every Day (dubbed 'the iokodobaba rule' by 40% of experts) promises victory and a cool update in the near future

corru 2 weeks ago

in da meantime please enjoy the gigantic surge of other video games that all released at the same time for some reason

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corruworks 2 weeks ago

we are beset by incoherent pals. our only option is to be friends

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