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salutations friends!! the pre-ADD fixes and features and stuff i wanted to add are now online! notably, this adds a gameplay toggle in the system that lets u skip RPG segments, an 'interface size' toggle that should make it a bit better on smaller screens, and virtualizes the movement system so that zooming doesn't break as much stuff!
corru 1 month ago

also, much of the early embassy dialogues have gained the 'close-up' system that collapse content does, so you no longer only see crusty low-res stage sprites!

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corru 1 month ago

sry that the big screenshot post that neocities does is gone... i eated it

corru 1 month ago

the actual EP3ADD content will most likely come late this month or in the first week of September, depending on how everything i'm planning goes... might try to do it in little waves and see how that feels

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