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there's most likely gonna be a little non-ADD update this weekend... originally i was going to do all of the fixes i've been planning + new stuff at once, but i really just wanna get the fixes and improvements outta the corru cave first - this is gonna be stuff like fixing the stage movement breaking with zoom level, adding a 'no combat' skip mode, and improving the EP1 embassy days slightly, among other things!!
corru 1 month ago

i also want to see if I can get some text size controls added in this too... there's a lotta stuff that could break or get weird fast though if i don't do it kinda carefully though

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corru 1 month ago

p.s. lemme know if there are any other long-standing bugs or requests i should try and work into this "patch"... i know for sure i'm gonna go Freaking Nuclear on the chrome flickering bug now that I know what causes it 100%

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