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Working on another article... this one is taking a lot more research but I hope I'll get to share it soon! Trying really hard not spoil what it is because I'm excited about it haha
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shulks-scrapbook 1 week ago

I should really stop building my web pages in browser lol. if you happen to find this page some of the rankings will be spoiled before I finish ordering them dhjsjs

shulks-scrapbook 1 week ago

aw heck I'm on the wrong site profile but this is tali from my other site ✌️

Fellow gen6 competitive lover. Did you play vgc too? I used m-mawile a bit too!
pamtre-berry 1 week ago

I played on the Battle Spot if that counts! Sadly anymore there aren't enough people playing gen 6 to match battles on there, and Showdown doesn't have random matchups for doubles. anyway ayyyy yes mega mawile beloved <3

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vencake 1 week ago

Oh I miss battle spot! Shame about the low turnout on showdown.

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