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okay so,,, some thoughts. should i upload the pictures i have from 2013/4 - 2020 into the memories section? or would it break the illusion of this site being a bit of a nostalgia site? same for my 2019 blog posts from my current blog on avenue.neocities - should i make a 2019 archive in the blogposts section? or put that as a seperate section on avenue. hmmMMMMMMM
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hey! htmlcommentbox seems like a good starting point :) is it okay if i use your css template as a base? you can pastebin me the css and send me the link through IG if that's easiest. i'll leave a link to your site on the guestbook page when i finally get round to finishing it :)
(xpost from avenue) could anyone recommend some good guestbook hosts? preferably ones that can be customised through css!
chaixtea 3 years ago I'm still trying to mess with the css and html

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chaixtea 3 years ago

oh and it's a japanese website you have to get it translated on chrome

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cepheus 3 years ago

Htmlcommentbox is pretty decent!! I have a theme on my content section for it that you could use as a css base?


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