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Thank you so much for your layouts! I used two of yours to steal bits of code from, and it was a really fun little puzzle solving project!
teppyslayouts 1 week ago

GOOD yes love you

the layouts site got a layouts update. more to come at 6
teppyslayouts 1 month ago

oh no i accidentally left a whitish pixel dust speck on the layout. it is going to stay

jeansgurl98 1 month ago

another day another slay for teppySLAYouts i see

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jeansgurl98 1 month ago

it looks so good!!!

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teppyslayouts 1 month ago

holy moly jean you are a poet

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It'd be cooler if you had a site banner for others to link.
jeansgurl98 1 month ago

agreed. i made a simple one so i could add their site to my button wall, lol!

mahogare 1 month ago

I'll replace a placeholder gif to your site to banner if you make one.

fakersdozen 1 month ago

aweeh thank you for the feedback, will do soon

hi! im having a bit of trouble with my layout D: i used #7, and as u might be able to see, on my site the backgrounds of the iframe area won't fill in correctly?? (if u go to the "collections (WIP)" button and scroll down u can see a better case i of it :) do u know how 2 help???
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hey... thank you so much for your layout! i built my site with it as a template, and your guide on iframes has helped me incredibly while making this silly little personal site. thank you so much!
I tired using one of your layouts but after I pressed Ctrl + U to bring up the code nothing happend
teppyslayouts 5 months ago

Does Ctrl + U work for other sites? My site doesn't use any Javascript so it shouldn't be interfering with anything. I wonder if the shortcut is different for other OSs or browsers.

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roguefalta 7 months ago

Love these layouts! Your website has been so helpful!

teppyslayouts 7 months ago

waaa thank you so much for the warm words. i will continue trying me best ╰( ̄ω ̄ )

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leonie-beetle 7 months ago

these layouts are really fantastic!!

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