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New year message removed. Jack Chronicles removed from sitemap but still accessible via url. Sitemap now empty. Removed Jack message from homepage, too. Would be weird if I kept that and removed the pages. Some other revamps may come later.
Gallery's gonna look broken until I actually put some arts on there. I'll sit down one day and pick a few to throw up there.
Added new year site message. Removed broken sadgrl banner. Seems like she's moving learn.sadgrl. I'll put a new one to the new location up later.
Unlisted mahjong guides page. Pages still exist. I'll relink them if I write another, but more than likely I'll redo it sometime in the future. Ignore codesave page. That's so I can be lazy latrer.
Mini-update to add a copyright notice. A bit self-fellating for someone who has such little content on the site but it must be said in the case it may become an issue. Happy 2023!
Got real sick and sad over the last week or so. Still am. I'll have an episode again and write a fuck ton or do some crazy update. Give it some time.
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ADHD burnout. Not of the site but of everything. Things are being planned, guides are being written--there just might not be any actual changes on the site itself for a few days. Remember, the end goal of this site is to be my public little hub for my content, so only occasional updates are to be expected. Just don't think I forgot about it. I never will.
oneiric-somnolence 2 months ago

Also, for the record--I'm still keeping up with all y'all's sites and posts even if I don't say anything about it!

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