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Major site update inkoming! Im sorry for dissapearing for like a month but I return with great news! I enrolled in a web authoring class this semester out of naked love of the art (seriouslly this doesn t even count as an elective credit) I actually understand so much about html css now its crazy. I am going to miss my old look but it s going to be replaced by somehting alot cooler so who cares!
been thinking about rebuiling the entire site from the ground up. The problem is, I don t think I ve the expirence to actually do what I want to do here. I considering going on hiatus for a while. I was considering taking up an HTML class next semester anyway. We ll see
saltedslug 1 year ago

i just did this! it was a lot of work, but I learned so much. If you decide to pull the trigger, I would definitely say finding a few sites that have the same features you want and dissecting their code helped me more than anything.

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