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I figured out a cool and epic (read: stupid) way to broadcast when I'm watching stuff in a stream, there is now a little thing in my sidebar that updates thanks to an RSS feed ^^ if you ever see it lit up (like it should be rn!) you can click on it and join a HyperBeam stream :D this will be my only post clogging up the timeline lol!!
koinuko 3 weeks ago

it seems to randomly disappear sometimes atm but?? it technically works??

koinuko 3 weeks ago

changed it to an onclick instead of onload and it doesn't disappear anymore im so smart

i love yugioh so much I literally love yugioh so much I love everything about it I love every single character in it, i love yugioh I am what you would call a yugioh "fan" even, its midnight right now and im up thinking about zexal for no god damn reason i just cant help it I love yugioh and you all have to know about it Right now
koinuko 3 weeks ago

ok now that I got that off my chest I might try to do yugioh streams sometime in the near future idk for sure but I would rlly like to so ^^ im tryna figure out a good way to do it without spamming the dashboard w/ invites

misswannabe 3 weeks ago

Every single word right here is me!! What I like, what I wanna do, everything is right here!!

plasticdino 3 weeks ago

ok but fr zexal is rlly good

plasticdino 3 weeks ago

like I started watching season 1 "as a joke" but no it's just straight up a good show

koinuko 3 weeks ago

i watched the first episode of yugioh As A Joke two and a half years ago, now look at where I am 😭 (jk I love it)

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tophatcats 3 weeks ago

Oooh almost at 100 webring members! *v*


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