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I've created a Grillby's Multiplayer game, check it out :)
astroslair 2 years ago

This is so cool! Always wanted to make something like this, ended up using a service because I can't program for shit. Cheers!

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love your entrance page
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dokipop 2 years ago

thank you! i’m thinking of making a new one later on but i like how it looks for now :3

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Added a FPS counter, if FPS drops lower than 30 then lot of effects get turned off! Tested on Firefox with Hardware Acceleration disabled, improves FPS from 10 to 70!
Improved perfomance on mobile phones, by a LOT
Updated Moon widget, now shows moon angle, azimuth and atitude.
Congrats on being added to Yesterweb ring, we are neighbors, add its widget on your site
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kibls 2 years ago

Hello neighbor! :) Yes, I am already integrating the yesterweb links into my design. Tomorrow at the latest it should be ready. Have a great evening :)

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