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new layout jumpscare - it's very unfinished but i'm not sure i can get away with hiding it for much longer (also the domain is instead of now i'm sowwy :3)
vukky 2 weeks ago

also yes it's mobile unfriendly but i don't think the old site was very friendly either so

oscarstars 1 week ago

loving the new look keep on

cant wait to see the renovations...
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vukky 2 weeks ago

uhh i might have forgotten :3

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god i love ur website, its so funkie
vukky 4 months ago

i have absolutely no idea what you mean by this but thank you nonetheless

stickersarefunn 4 months ago

its absolutely great, i love it

wait a second do subdomains actually work as a custom domain here
vukky 4 months ago

yup, i don't see why not

graybox 4 months ago

as long as you're able to register it with a valid DNS record attached, anything can work as a domain, even an emoji.

morrowseer 4 months ago

ohhhh yeah anything works (i only thought it didnt because of the "don't add any subdomains" part in step 5, i already knew emojis worked because of punycode though)

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vukky 1 month ago

i think they meant that you can't add subdomains of the domain you've configured, so i can't add additional records for "" and expect it to work perfectly - however i've never tried that and i'm not going to either :)

reminder that neocities is the place where you make cool sites
pencilvoid 5 months ago

so true bestie


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