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2x worl BB! let's learn js&py 2gether
YEAH! YEAH! I LOVE YOUR SITE. YOU'RE SUCH AN INTERESTING PERSON. I love your ideas and the way you present them. I'm now such a big fan of your work and everything you do. How do I get updates? Twitter? Any servers? THANK YOU. Sick. TYSM. Nice. Cool. Yeah! Yeah. Cool. Robots. All that. I'll write on the SLAMBOOK soon.
2023 1 year ago

ok help me out how do I write on the SLAMBOOK I forgot. I should type more correctly. Hello, my name is 2023, how may I write on the SLAMBOOK? how2 Write on z Slambook Please Help

humantooth 1 year ago

Thank you so much for the kind words! I dont have a personal twitter but im on the neocities discord all the time, you should join!

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humantooth 1 year ago

for the slambook, just fill out the form here (it doesnt automatically update, i have to do it manually because of limitations with neocities, basically it gets sent to a private form service and then i copy the html the next time i update)

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