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while i know the site gives the warning for flashing and such i was wondering if there might be a simple way make a setting to combat some of the things with the eyestraining colors? had some friends who are curious but the color scheme is too bright. like some kind of option for a black and white filter or some filter that dulls the screen. would like to know if its possible bc i would love to share it with more
morrysillusion 1 month ago

it is understandable i know you cannot just take all elements of the flashing out, as a majority of the game will always be that. but wasnt sure if something like dulling or lessening it any form would be possible

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ongezell 1 month ago

install it with an userscript manager like violentmonkey, this should make the game B&W and less bright

morrysillusion 1 month ago

@ongezell thank you for such a quick reply. ill let my friends know, this sounds like a great solution

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