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wooaaaoo they removed the follower messages!! i wonder if that's intentional? i kinda like seeing updates easily like this (edit: ok i actually agree i am now seeing the flaw of not being able to see new followers/friends following other people)
satyrwoud 3 weeks ago

All those follows will be lost… like tears in rain

satyrwoud 3 weeks ago

I’ll miss ’em; they could get a little spammy sometimes, but it was a nice way to discover sites without having to trudge through the nightmare of the Global Activity feed

metonym 3 weeks ago

satyr idk abt you but it was 90% of my feed lol

youtuube 3 weeks ago

I really hope this is just some weird error, that was a rather useful feature

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youtuube 3 weeks ago

Also long deleted messages/activity are back on profiles. You can't even delete new posts you make (although the comments on it can be)

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junery 3 weeks ago

wish they at least would make a special page for seeing all the follow notifs...

junery 3 weeks ago

or like. add a toggle for filtering them out from the main activity feed

freckleskies 3 weeks ago

kinda bummed abt this, liike 90% of the sites i follow i found from a notification saying someone else followed a new site so i checked it out too

paintkiller 3 weeks ago

Yeah this sucks, I hope it’s an accident.

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vegacollective 3 weeks ago

Yes, I was getting a little confused about that. It's a bit of a step backwards, definitely makes it fire difficult to keep track of things.

robophobia 2 weeks ago

Yeah, with either a toggle or a separate page system it'd be ideal, I always felt ambivalent towards it as sometimes it'd be obtrusive in seeing what actual activity was going on but other times I would go through them to see new sites

corru 2 weeks ago

having a toggle or something to still be able to see them would be ideal i think

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