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3 months ago
valycenegative 3 months ago

Yay, I see my banner too <3

I still have no idea how to reply under a reply on a post of my own (if that's even possible?) but Peach Girl seriously changed my life!!! I miss the art style of manga/anime from that era a lot, it just hit different /(˃ᆺ˂)\
vencake 3 months ago

You use the repy on your original post. It's counter-intuitive that we can't just reply to a comment directly and they should add it as a feature. And same. Glad to see some people remembering the old goodie s;-;

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anyone else having problems with smartgb guestbooks? I can't view anyone's gb, getting the error "not allowed to link the guestbook via HTTPS (SSL)" but it wasn't a problem before.
sashikitten 3 months ago

my guest book on my laptop doesn't load but on mobile and my work computer it works just fine! I just looked at yours and everything loaded ok :0

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vencake 3 months ago

oh weird... maybe it's my end too. Super janky!

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