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Adding some updates now. (#_#) I'm going where they don't want me to go. The SRCSO and Florida in general are kidnapping elderly people and exploiting wellfare checks and the baker act along with medical malpractice to entrap them and enslave them in medical institutions. I told the world. Whistle blown.
I'm adding some information on the grounds of being suspecious of the CCP ( Communist Chinese Part ) I think they're taking over our country. The local cops are running a medical malpractice ring with mental hospitals and nursing homes and regular hospitals around the state. Covid19 is encouraging this Ayahuasca Group Gab {Banisteriopsis caapi vine}
Adding some Gab group links to Freedom Of The Dot Press (#_#)
Ever heard of hemp derived delta-8-thc? It's federally legal thanks to the hemp farm bill of 2018. --> Learn more about the benefits of Hemp -->
stonedaimuser 2 months ago

is neocities censored or?

Working on the site. Not even sure what I'm adding yet but we will see!
I love this bitch. <-- Stop snitching on your neighbors, unless you want a police state.
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