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I'm consistently blown away by what cool things people come up with to run off of their websites, and a book club is such a neat idea, especially with such a range of genres! Very cool! I ask since I can't really tell - is the book club something other users can follow along with, or is this a closed thing? Thank you for your time!
thedigitaldiarist 8 months ago

thank you so much! it's a book club I run with my friends IRL. we try to pick things we think we'll have fun with, or which might generate interesting discussion. we definitely don't stick to "book club" books 😅 it's a closed group, but maybe folks will be inspired to pick up something we've read, and I'd love to hear about it if they did!

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I love the nested Web sites which eventually led me to the discovery that Roddy's movie of choice in life was the Return of the Living Dead. Of course it would be that masterpiece and none other. Awesome job!
homevideohorrors 8 months ago

Thanks so much! I love people who take the time to deep dive like that :)

I'm following to save this for a future read through; but already from just what I've seen, what an awesome home page and set of visuals! I've seen several text-based horror adventures but this one already is very visually engaging and clearly has a lot of care put into it from the get go. I'm very excited to follow it through soon!
I love OTR, audio storytelling, and weird fiction, so finding your site was such an absolute treat. I haven't gotten the chance to listen to your backlog, but I look forward to spending a long while trawling through! I'm so glad you broadcast the Pegana cycle, as a progenitor to stuff like Lovecraft's dream cycle as well as on its own merits it really needs more love. Can't say enough about how cool this is!
weirdwaves 1 year ago

Hey, thank you for the kind words! I'm glad Dunsany's cycle gets some appreciation. Idle Days on the Yann was one of the first audiobooks I added to Weird Waves and it really struck me. I hope you enjoy listening in the archive!

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