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I think your article on "anti-vax" and COVID-19 is extremely sensationalist. I have to agree with the "anti-vax" crowd that any form of medical treatment, medicine, or a participation in a clinical trial should not be coerced. It is just not ethical.
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macrev 3 months ago

I appreciate and respect your point of view. However, I disagree on the principle that I believe children must be protected via any means necessary. We will probably have to agree to disagree.

macrev 3 months ago

Also, I agree that it is extremely sensationalist. It might not seem like it, but I don't actually enjoy being a jerk online. I got tired of children dying and considered if my words could make someone, anyone, save a life, it would be worth being seen as a jerk.

antares 3 months ago

If children aren't already the demographic that is least threatened by COVID, they are also not part of the inclusion criteria for the vaccine's clinical trial. I do not think it is right to subject children to such an experiment. :/

Have to wonder how many of these views are actual people and not crawlers.
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