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hi!! i love your music recommendations page so much and wanted to ask if you were fine with it, if i adapted the system on my own website with different recommendations? i just think it's really neat. i would, obviously, credit you. no worries if you don't feel comfortable with that though. i really dig your taste in music hehe :) have a good day!!
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spiders 5 months ago

ohhhh shit i am so sorry I didn't answer! i hope you got around to doing this even if i didn't answer, i don't mind at all!!

Hello! The RPG Maker widget link has been updated! Please navigate to by 11/31/23 please. No worries if you miss the deadline! Mala can add you back in the place you were in just fine.
hi . college is hard. see ya
hi evryone wanna pretend i am online and updating the site and such . please and thanks
spiders 10 months ago

ooo wooooowwwwwww spiders dot neocities is updated woaaaaa wowwwwwww awesomeeeee thank you newsman woooo

fleshprocessor 10 months ago

dude baller update, maybe my favorite one yet

inai 10 months ago

WOAHHH dude this is killer.......... i totally related to what you said woahhhh

crtscreen 10 months ago

hey man, just saw your site on the activity page, since it got updated so recently, and i wanted to say its so swag & cool. also my site was right next to yours on that page we were there together

here at spiders dot neocities dot org we DO have games in our phone. visit my very broken minesweeper shrine
spiders 10 months ago

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy look at my Phone

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helloe there's a problem. finals week is done but i fucked up so it has been extended till september . so we'll see how many updates i manage to make till then
spiders 10 months ago

"how'd you fuck up that" i have my methods (got sick and couldn't go)

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spiders 11 months ago

roach news

no updates, this week and the next one are finals + i got extremely hyperfixated on something and till that wears off you will Not be seeing me
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spiders 11 months ago

hopefully when i am normaller i will make an update

assignment n2 from arthropods page has gotten an extension. you can now do it till october. same for the other one i guess

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