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Hahaha, what a cool name!
your site is so cool!!
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seaweedglass 4 months ago

ahh thank you so much!! <3 your splash/uc page is so cute; can't wait to see more :>

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6 months ago
seaweedglass was updated.
7 months ago
tysm for the follow!! your site is gorgeous :O
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starsprings 11 months ago

i know this is so late but i just wanted to say thank you so much! i love your site and the aesthetic of it immensely so this made me feel all warm inside. thank you for the follow back!!!

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loving the espeon / umbreon layout!! it makes me so happy to look at :D
hey tysm for the follow! i love your site :D can't wait to see more pokemon fanart!!
hi! 1. i love your website! it is so cute and your pokemon shrine page gives me so much joy. 2. i'm so excited to find someone else with AMC!! ^v^
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moonview 1 year ago

oh wow, how cool is that! i rarely meet others with AMC! i believe we also have the same type as well :D

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tysm for the follow! i absolutely loved taking your quiz, and am excited to read more of your webcomic (really cool premise) :D
thel3tterm 1 year ago

Oh wow, thank you so much! That's wonderful to hear :D

Thank you for following!
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