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i added my big first entry to my classics page.. not showin up here dunno why! if you wanna give it a gander, it's at
crows-nest 3 months ago

your writing is beautiful! thanks for sharing this! ive also been thinking a lot lately about the "machine" of academia... so much of it is about slapping a coat of paint on to appear progressive and diverse while doing everything it can to uphold systems of white supremacy, patriarchy, cisheteronormativity, etc... i love the work but not the environment. but thanks again for sharing such a thoughtful piece!

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haremoon 3 months ago

i just have a lot of feelings about seattle kraken

omg just noticed the Mabel quote on the top of your site!!! mabelpodcast enjoyers on neocities yessss
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haremoon 3 months ago

hehe yess!!! my site name comes from it too!! ^^ mabelpod near and dear to me forever <3

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ribose 3 months ago

these pages sound really great! i'm looking forward to reading

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