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my fishing game is done! Pls check it out on my site :D
it's happening guys. fishing minigame soon. Haven't had much time to work on the site bc finishing up the semester but I'll be back soon...
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saikyo-central 1 day ago

most anticipated game of 2024

thanks for the follow! your site is so purple and sparkly and the DOG ON THE MAIN PAGE ;--; i found you thru the federi site and your entire aesthetic is such a vibe EDIT it's also fun to meet a fellow crocheter!!
bass-drop 4 days ago

thank you sm!! :DDD Hello crocheter

new stardew valley update is out!! updates to my site might be sparse in the short term .......... I have a farm to attend to...
Hello and thank you for the follow! Things are still looking rough and I'm going through a lot of edits, but I hope you'll stick around to see how it all turns out
I love your site your graphic collection is so awesome I had to bookmark
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updated the look of my site a bit! Hoping it looks a bit more polished now :P I noticed the CSS animations were slowing things down a bit so I remade the background gradient in a canvas instead
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I finished the dress up game!! Spent a lot of time on it, I made all the art myself, check it out :)
saikyo-central 1 month ago

came out great!

Been busy with school so haven't updated in a minute, but have something very very cool in the works right now :)

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