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sorry i haven't updated my site much in the past 6 months.. just feeling down on life and lacking inspiration. i have a bunch of photos and stuff i need to sort through to post on here eventually. let's all pray i can find some kind of artistic inspiration amidst the chaos of the world... god bless everyone in the neocities community <3
cinni 2 years ago

it's nice to see you back!!<3 hope life gets easier and sending good ~vibes~ your way ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

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im happy to find ur site :) i looked at ur about me page, and i'm also a libra, born around the same time as you (i looked at your natal chart hehe)... i also learned to code when i was 8 or 9!! so happy to see people my age keeping this kinda stuff alive ^_^ love ur site, keep it up always <3
strawberry-gashes 2 years ago

BABY LIBRA HOBBY CODERS REPRESENT!! this is so cool ;A; ty honey ;w;

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