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I love your website! Very chill!
Fellow Konata enjoyer :3
awhe 2 months ago

yesss!!! based B-)

Neighbors page update!
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Wow, loving your website!
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Welcome to Neocities! We're looking forward to your website! :)
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nailxiv 1 week ago

I can finally reply, thank you! :)

Posted my second (technically, it's the first) AMV to the AMV section!
I wonder if anyone got their hands on Bluesky app? Neocities integration sounds cool...
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eggsandmint 3 months ago

what is it? it is just another twitter alternative?

arutemu64 3 months ago

Well yeah, it's another Twitter alternative basically, but it's also federated so you can communicate with people from other platforms like Mastodon. One of the cool features is that you can use a Neocities domain as your @username, so it would look like It's invite-only right now and invites seem to be pretty rare. I'm just kinda curious about it a bit and hope it won't die quick like...

arutemu64 3 months ago

... other invite-only socials (looking at you, Clubhouse).

lovelystar 1 month ago

hii, i got an invite just today! if you want it just contact me via email,!

I posted my first AMV today, please check it out in AMV section!
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Thanks for following, posted your button at my neighbors page!👌
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amihan 3 months ago

You're welcome!! :D

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