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I finally figured out how to do drop-downs so I can add onto the discography now instead of t r y i n g to do the pictures and band pages
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I know that the scrollbars have no theming if you view the site on firefox, however I made a stylus style that adds color to the scrollbars for fun (you would need the stylus extension to get it to work but hey)
enflicted 8 months ago

I could have sworn firefox had scrollbar theming via CSS? although it's minimal in terms of customization.

rbfbowl 8 months ago

while no scrollbar theming apears on the site, I did find evidence of attempted firefox scrollbar styling in the body part of the css that doesn't appear for some reason.

enflicted 8 months ago

That is odd. The scrollbars are completely missing in firefox for me. I wish developers would stop messing with things, and just let us customize things, custom scrollbars were so cool back in the day =(

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enflicted 8 months ago

From the CSS, I couldn't find anything for scrollbar theming in firefox, only webkit. From what I remember, Mozilla requires 2 call from CSS, scrollbar-color;scrollbar-width, and a 3 option for overflow if needed, that's really all they seem to let you customize sadly.

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had to update the merch page because not only was discogs' favicon image broken, I guess discogs changed their links and it linked to an unrelated artist instead of rbf's discogs page so whoops
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one of my quirks is that I come up with ideas for things butthen don't know how to execute them, like how I want toadd images and a list of rbf's members to my site but I don't know how I'm gonna do that
you wrote 32 instead of 23 on your most recent blog post on your homepage
pxachfuzz 8 months ago

thanks homeslice i will be fixing this

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