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agar 2 weeks ago

normal comment

im so obsessed with ur website OMGGG
sarangtxt 2 weeks ago

thank you so much

i lived bitch
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update i got a completely different idea for my webpage erm so now theres a delay
absolutely swamped in schoolwork.... eugh
luv ghoul v2 coming soon to a theater near you
fishkuna 11 months ago

i def wanna log my merch and fixations bc getting back into comics is changing my brain waves (and by comics i mean spawn and spiderman... mainly spiderman 2099 bc he is such a dork ass loser)

since im going to be more productive within the next month, updates will be back to consistency :Wah: so sorry for the hiatus, the summer heat legit made my computer turn into an oven + i have sooooo much to update and write in my diary about :)
i am so picky over my layout o lord :sob:
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rip 2 twitter ✌🏽
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whoever spammed kys on my cbox ur pussy most definitely stinks bro get that shit checked out
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fishkuna 1 year ago

anyways remade it bc i dont like ugly ppl on my page sawry

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