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hey guess whos playing like a FUCK ton of cookie clicker recently
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shattered-glass 1 month ago

i mean not rlly 'playing' bc it just sits in the background but like. wake up, open pc, open CC, bam profit. this is so cool

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4am adhd energetic surge hit me.. whoops !! guess i'm not sleeping
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omg fish AC website.. immediate follow.. raguhgh this sites so good ;w; each shrine feels like its own small love letter to the respective series !!
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seafare 2 months ago

omg thank you so much!!! i LOVEEE my little fishies LMAO. glad that you like the shrines too :D!!

oughg this place is so cool :] love the chao garden especially... silly little guys
qrunchysnaq 3 months ago

aah thank you! Glad you like my chao :D

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lost my file on my desktop for this stupid thing but i realised neocities lets you download your entire site. we're so fucking back
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thepersonever 3 months ago

i love my .zip files

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