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whimwitch 11 months ago

HxH is soooo good if you get around to watching it. I like your page so far for anime (・∀・)

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koinuko 11 months ago

I do really want to watch it!! I've tried a couple times but always get distracted by other shows lol! I've been trying to watch the 2012 version, maybe I should try watching the OVA first next time...

galactixstar 11 months ago

The "Cartman Finds Love" clip is just too good

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koinuko 11 months ago

It's one of my fave episodes, no matter how many times I watch it that clip just kills me every single time lmaooo

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50 followers...! wow!!!! u guys are so awesome!! ty so much!! i will keep adding to my silly site and making pages for all sorts of my favorite stuff! i hope you all do the same!!
arremeer 11 months ago

Congrats! Can't wait to see what you do next :P

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