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i responded to your latest message, but since it doesnt notify you im messaging you again :)
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vegacollective 2 weeks ago

I see that now! In response to your question, MRU is an acronym for the program which generates each version of the universe. So while they are depicted as something that may look like a "God", this is only a personification of an event as part of a system. The system being a simulation we see and experience as the universe. So in a sense, MRU is closest to what you describe as the "big bang”.

vegacollective 2 weeks ago

I hope that helps! Universe be with you!

You have yourself a wonderful site. If you are so inclined, we have an open call running at the minute. Would be great to see something from you. Either way, universe be with you.
psychicnewborn 3 weeks ago

thanks. your site looks really cool but i dont really get what the MRU thing is

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enidflambrough31 3 weeks ago

@psychicnewborn MRU is what creates the universe. It dosn't really look like anything, but it's shown as a figure wearing a dressing gown with a white mask like in the image here UBWU :-)

vegacollective 3 weeks ago

Thank you, Enid. Universe be with you

psychicnewborn 2 weeks ago

sorry for the late answer, idk if youll even see it, but it still doesnt make sense to me. is MRU an acronym? is it god? the big bang? the linked picture looks sick btw

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