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my collections page may look a bit broken for a bit. this is intentional. lol. I'm reorganizing some things behind the scenes
not sure where 2 put this but today i learned that apparently the store i work for is doing write-ups if you call in sick which isnt technically illegal but does feel majorly scummy and makes me sad. wish we could unionize fr
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slatch-bat 4 days ago

also it would be illegal under the... i dont remember what the law or act is called but we are so small and none of us have worked there long enough for it to apply so . yay

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I'm starting to cook up ideas for the House of Leaves shrine, but I'm realizing that my plans are grand enough that it might require it's own entire website domain for itself. Will have to do some thinking on this
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slatch-bat 6 days ago

I lied I said I wasn't going to work on my website at all but then the demons got me (i restructured my Links page like I wanted)


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