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I have a half suggestion for you!! (Like, maybe up until nearly episode 11 it’s cheerfully sweet and nostalgic, but later, it gets sadder...), but it has a SUPER cute healer lead! Nurse Angel Ririka SOS. I’m still watching it, halfway through, but it’s an early somewhat darker take on the (realistic) child hero magical girl... she has to prioritize using her healing abilities for the greater good...
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birdsandstars 1 year ago

I think you’d enjoy it sometime!! (The anime does unfortunately make the senpai she has a crush on look waaaay too old for her, but he’s supposed to be just a year older, they don’t become a couple, though). The boy who likes her looks the same age and they both bicker like very typical kids, they’re endearing.

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softheartclinic 1 year ago

I've never heard of it before but will definitely check it out! Thank you for the suggestion!

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I've added you to the circle! Your site is such a lovely and calming place, so I'm so glad you decided to join. Could you please provide a site description for me to add?
birdsandstars 1 year ago

Oh, certainly!! And thank you, as is yours, and more thoroughly so!! I guess for mine, maybe, “A site with a pastel aesthetic and a focus on childhood nostalgia, art, Pokemon, and classic anime/manga, with dedicated sections for calming resources, Islamic healing, and things to cheer you up.” I’m bad at being concise. ^^;; Hope that wasn’t too long!!

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birdsandstars 1 year ago

Thank you!! ;3;

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