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Hi everyone! I started a new website for me to post outfits I make in the dress up game Love Nikki. My goal is to eventually make an outfit with every dress I own (though that will take a while of course, lol)! If you have any interest the link is I used to play this game every day for about a year and a half and just picked it up again. Check it out if you'd like!
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atomicgothic 1 year ago

(iggy missing) merit im so sorry hes with kakyoin right now

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Thank you guys again for 25 follows! ^^ I finally made that graphic I was talking about, you can find it here: If your site has 25 or more followers, feel free to put it on your site somewhere! I'll probably make different versions for different numbers eventually!
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softheartclinic 1 year ago

Awards for site progress is such a nice idea! Do you mind if I snag the idea and make some too? I wouldn't do ones for followers, but things like having made x amount of pages for the site, or the site existing for x years.

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koinuko 1 year ago

Of course, go ahead! ^^

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