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Welcome to Jellyworld! You've bonded with Jelly Berries!!! You've been added to the Giant Jelly Pool, the Jellyring script and the Pals page!! Love your layout btw!!!
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colrana 1 week ago

Yay thank you so much!!!! i love the jelly berries! ^^ take care friend!

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Hey Apples! Take a look at this link and let me know if you want any of these Jellies! I'll add them for you if you do!
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jellyworld 1 week ago

Fantastic! It will be yours! I'll add it tomorrow! Thank you!

Gah! Such a cute site! You've officially bonded with Cheese Jelly! You've been added to the Giant Jelly Pool, The Jellyring script and the Pals page! Welcome!
rosydolly 1 week ago

Thank you sm! I cant wait to add cheese to my page later when i get to my computer! :Dc

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Hey Fox! Wonderful site!!! You've bonded with Lemberry Chia Jelly! So glad you chose this one! You've been added to the Giant Jelly pool, the Pals page and the Jellyring script!!
cadnomori 1 week ago

Fantastic! Thank you very much, I am adding the graphics to my page as we speak. Happy to have bonded with such a wiggly little jelly!

First off- your site is amazing!!! Also- you've officially bonded with Jelly Doughnut! Thank you so much! You've been added to the Jellyring script, the Giant Jelly pool and the Pals page!

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