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letslearntogether 1 month ago

I had just mentioned to a friend of mine that it may take me some time to follow through, but I always try to keep my word. Juggling many interests / responsibilities can be tricky, but I am glad that you are doing well! ☺️

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quirkitty 1 month ago

Thanks so much for your comment! Yep, what’s important is to keep trying, so long as it means something valuable to us. And websites have been my creative playground, alongside notebooks, for most of my life. So I’ll always keep coming back to them, it seems like. :’)

You could share the source files and let someone else take over Districts. :) It doesn't have to die like this. Open source ftw, baby! Note: a lot of sites on Neocities are generated by a script (or set of scripts), so simply copying the source as shown on the browser doesn’t necessarily give you all of the content necessary to recreate it as it was originally intended. Though you can definitely start from there!
pastelshoal 8 months ago

Source was always availible. right click > view source right? Should be able to recover from Wayback if someone really wanted to (don't remember if it was copywrited)

Doing a few pomodoro sessions tonight to get some work done. Anybody welcome to join for some accountability/body doubling sprints. Discord link:
quirkitty 8 months ago

Will continue to try this every week. Let me know if you have interest. :)

Slow but steady. I've been away for a couple of years due to big life changes, but now I have some space and energy to come back to this fun, creative outlet. <3 Hello! How are you doing?
This place brings me so much joy. 🦄
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letslearntogether 8 months ago

Yay! That is wonderful! I like it here too.

I just renamed this site to "Starlight Nexus," since I feel that suits me more.
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