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You could share the source files and let someone else take over Districts. :) It doesn't have to die like this. Open source ftw, baby!
pastelshoal 3 days ago

Source was always availible. right click > view source right? Should be able to recover from Wayback if someone really wanted to (don't remember if it was copywrited)

Doing a few pomodoro sessions tonight to get some work done. Anybody welcome to join for some accountability/body doubling sprints. Discord link:
quirkitty 6 days ago

Will continue to try this every week. Let me know if you have interest. :)

Slow but steady. I've been away for a couple of years due to big life changes, but now I have some space and energy to come back to this fun, creative outlet. <3 Hello! How are you doing?
This place brings me so much joy. 🦄
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letslearntogether 1 week ago

Yay! That is wonderful! I like it here too.

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I just renamed this site to "Starlight Nexus," since I feel that suits me more.
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