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Interesting take w/Pale Moon! I read somewhere in an article once that if security is your concern and you're running some linux os and palemoon, you're probably the only person doing that within a pretty large radius (unless you live in a major city) and are effectively outing yourself in a shadow profile through the obscurity of the combination. PM worked fine when I used it, but I still don't know what's best
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elaboraet 3 weeks ago

That is an interesting point. I wouldn’t be surprised if I were the only person within 1/2 a mile using Debian and PM, ha. PM is an interesting thing. I like it. But a thing I don’t like: its forum. It came off a bit too toxic/elitist to me. Tried to ask a few questions and tried to discuss politel, but wasn’t met with nearly the same attitudes from most. Unfortunate, no?

Welcome back! Have read through Elaboraet take 2. Good work
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I've posted the first real entry on the site. Now *that* was fun to write!
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Great job on the site! I've since moved to Wordpress, but I'm sure starting to miss the simplicity of hand-writing my websites in HTML and CSS. I might come back to make my Neocities site a hobby weblog.
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readingproject 1 month ago

Thanks! I’ve looked at your site a couple of times on Wordpress, but I have to admit, not for a while now. I’m always extremely busy and struggling to find time to read, let alone keep the many aspects of my site going. I try to keep up with sites I follow as much as I can. It would be great to see you back and see what you do.

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