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I really appreciate your articles on social media, and especially Reddit! While I will be writing my own articles on the matter regarding how these things use game-design elements to manipulate people, I really appreciate your take on the matter, and I'll be sure to link people to your article if they have any further questions or want more material!
Remember my announcement that I was gonna make an article about RISC OS soon? It's gonna take a little longer. I don't have the best-supported hardware for RISC OS and I want to wait until I have something to review it on to do it better justice.
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macrosofa 1 month ago

In more detail, I have a Raspberry Pi 4. Thing is, it's not very well supported by RISC OS right now, and most apps that aren't included with the OS simply outright crash on it. I want to wait until I can access one of my older Pi's to do the review on, which have better support and are more stable with more software. This OS really fascinates me, so I want to deliver the best review that I can.

Expect to see more content on single board computers and the Raspberry Pi in a little bit, starting with an article about RISC OS.
I was able to access the internet, including Neocities, from a web browser on RISC OS called Netsurf. It's far from perfect and doesn't support all of the features that most mainstream web browsers support, but I can log into Neocities and post from it
This comment was posted from a Raspberry Pi running RISC OS.
Thanks for following me! I noticed some interesting stuff on your website, so I'm following you too now, and I'll add your button to my page in a moment. Also, FYI, the links on your "About" page are broken, you should add "fuck/" to the actual links.
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misterdizzy 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much! I'm glad anyone is paying attention to my shouts into the infinite void. I needed that. Thanks.

I've got too many ideas to figure out what article I want to write, so I went ahead and wrote an article about all my ideas for the site and what's been going through my mind for the site this winter. Hope you enjoy reading it!

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