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Hello. I have spent the last few weeks on and off trying to set up my own email server and address, only to give up and make a protonmail one instead. Oh well. Point is, you can now contact me. Check my about page and front page update for details.
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Hello, I've got more stuff in the works. I have recently deleted a certain prominent social media of mine, and I directed those followers here to my Neocities page. I also have another website that I'm configuring to serve as an email server, guest book, and whatever else I might need. So, I'm posting news about this over on the site index.
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Hello. I added two new buttons, one for the WIBY search engine, and another for Serenity OS. I also added a description to most of the buttons. Just hover your mouse over each one to read it if you're interested. Just some basic maintenance.
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Hello! I'm back! I wrote an article about how to install a Doom Mod I started playing a little while ago. I also took a look at the state of the site, and took the opportunity to fix a few things. Favicons don't disappear on article indexes, and articles are now ordered from newest to oldest instead of the other way around. I hope you enjoy the new article and the refined functionality of my site!
macrosofa 3 months ago

Oh, and the ugly impromptu halloween banner for that game has finally been tore down in favor of a proper "Software projects" section!

thoughts-about-stuff 3 months ago

Welcome back! I recently did a big redo of my favicons too. I used this site to generate them, it was very useful:

I really appreciate your articles on social media, and especially Reddit! While I will be writing my own articles on the matter regarding how these things use game-design elements to manipulate people, I really appreciate your take on the matter, and I'll be sure to link people to your article if they have any further questions or want more material!

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