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Don't get all excited, this is no update. I simply removed the email address from the front page because the only emails I ever received to that address over the course of a year were marketting emails.
macrosofa 1 year ago

That said, I may write an entire article about those emails out of raw frustration and spite. I only received like 3 of them over the course of 12 months, but somehow they anger me greatly.

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Although I don't actively write for my site at this point or browse Neocities, I went back to my website and decided to remove the buttons for Palemooon, Firefox, and Ubuntu due to their more recent design decisions. Maybe I'll write an article abou it.
fsf17sins 7 months ago

It's a shame of course, but Pale Moon, Mozilla and Ubuntu were all far better projects once.

Hello. I have spent the last few weeks on and off trying to set up my own email server and address, only to give up and make a protonmail one instead. Oh well. Point is, you can now contact me. Check my about page and front page update for details.
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Hello, I've got more stuff in the works. I have recently deleted a certain prominent social media of mine, and I directed those followers here to my Neocities page. I also have another website that I'm configuring to serve as an email server, guest book, and whatever else I might need. So, I'm posting news about this over on the site index.
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Hello. I added two new buttons, one for the WIBY search engine, and another for Serenity OS. I also added a description to most of the buttons. Just hover your mouse over each one to read it if you're interested. Just some basic maintenance.
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